How do you measure success?

If you struggle with this answer, then you are not alone. For years, organizations have relied heavily on historical financial data to measure their success, and consequently, misinterpreted the voices of their employees and customers.

That's why we created InfoTool. Employees, suppliers and customers constitute a remarkably rich source of organizational performance data, and are a ready-made early warning system to your business' health. InfoTool has helped clients measure, track and analyze their stakeholders' opinions by providing vital feedback and guidance on key performance indicators, and changing market needs. Because InfoTool provides real time data, it business leaders to optimize their organizations' strengths, anticipate problems and leverage market opportunities.

Whatever the critical success factors for your business are, InfoTool can help measure them. A sample list of InfoTool assessment capabilities include:

  • Strategy execution
  • Corporate culture
  • Customer value and satisfaction
  • Employee climate and satisfaction
  • Leadership
  • Training
  • R&D & Innovation

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The Software Engine

Making sense of data can be a significant organizational challenge. InfoTool delivers a series of intuitive gauges that translate data into action-with only a click of a mouse. Simply log into InfoTool's secure database on the Web, and you are empowered to analyze your organization's data 24/7. Here are some the benefits you can readily enjoy:

  • The freedom to view, manipulate your analysis data online
  • The ability to examine micro and macro trends
  • Demographic comparisons that isolate best practices as well as performance gaps and misalignments
  • Identify organizational strengths and weaknesses
  • Predictive matrices that quantify critical business drivers and behaviors
  • Qualitative key-word searches enable you to view trends
  • Select access that allows you to choose which individuals business units view the data
  • Comparative data views that overlay industry, customer or prior measurement data

The outcome is knowing what helps drive your organization's performance.

You can also use InfoTool to determine optimum approaches to critical short and long-term business needs and objectives, identify, create, and deploy critical business interventions. Plus, you can perform ongoing diagnosis and assessment to continually measure and monitor organizational readiness and effectiveness.


This is a sample screen shot is from an employee satisfaction survey. This summary diagram highlights overall organizational employee satisfaction scores. The higher the score, the greater the level of employee satisfaction. Scores highlighted in green (80 and above) represent best practices scores. Scores displayed in yellow (79 to 56) are acceptable levels of performance and scores colored in red (55 and below), denote poor performance.

This detail screen shot dives down into the employee satisfaction category, culture and shows the level of employee satisfaction with the factors: Balance of responsibility, Respect, Trust, Value of work and Values. Similar to a "bulls-eye" on a dart board, the scores closest to the center, represent stronger performance. Best practice scores are colored green, acceptable performance scores are colored yellow and poor performance scores are colored red.



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